Friday, September 28, 2012

The Face Shop mini-haul!

Hello everyone, just wanted to do a quick update on my recent The Face Shop mini-haul (I shopped last week)! :) It's a mini-haul as I only bought one item, a $3 nail polish :P Pretty cheap no? To me it is hehe, because I wanted a nice colour for my social that weekend and I just wanted to test out TFS nail polish too, as they were tempting being $3 and what not (Gloss has nail polish for ~$4 under the BYS brand, which is also tempting, but being the cheapo I am, $3 is the better deal and they are around the same size anyway lol).

So here's my mini-haul receipt below:

The colour of nail polish I chose was the one called 'YL704'. It is a lovely light, feminine and fun pastel yellow colour. I find that this goes well with any colour clothing and accessories you have, and it doesn't look too bad on my skin tone (the main factor I bought it).

I haven't been officially swatched at a MAC store but I'm maybe a NC25? on my hand and I think it goes well. I initially grabbed the pastel blue and pastel green (both are my favourite colours) and swatched them on my fingers but I felt that they didn't really complement my skin very well  - I thought the green made my hands even darker/duller, the blue was okay I guess but I kind of liked the yellow more, as I wanted to try a yellow nail and it also looked vibrant and fun and didn't make my hands look dull. Which is a plus :P

TFS also has a darker yellow shade, I guess the standard not-pastel yellow pikachu shade is what I would describe it lol.

I might do a review for this nail polish soon, but anyways here's what it looks like in the bottle. I personally like this colour, not too obvious and not too nude, just my slice of cake. I like pastels.

It says "The Face Shop" near the bottom of the white lid in this angle there but the camera doesn't seem to note it at all. It's pretty faint in person though haha

Serial code and manufacturing date (31st Aug 2011)

Barcode, and shade name "YL704" and other TFS info on the sticker, except printed in white on a clear sticker and on a light colour, pastel yellow = hard to read (in person as well) -_-' Except if you cast a shadow on the sticker, it becomes kind of easier to read, like slightly lol. Fail ink choices, they should have used black instead lol. That way it would be readable for this colour or light colours especially...

This comes in a lovely recyclable paper bag :)

TFS is in many countries.. yay for Australia ^__^

I also picked up some (free) samples - I might use them soon and possibly do a review on them hehe. Here they are below:

From L-R: Crystal Water Super gel, White Tree Vita Lightening Serum, The Smim Skin Density 101.0 Repair Serum

Anyways I hope you enjoyed looking at my mini TFS haul, if there are any questions please comment below and I aim to answer you ASAP! :)


Disclaimer: All products in this post were bought on my own consideration/liking, and are not provided by TFS or other entities (as soon in the receipt above). All opinions in this post purely are my own, I was not paid to do or provide others' opinions for this post. All photos are my own. If you would like to mention my pictures and/or posts, please reference it back to this url ( and do not blur, remove or alter my watermarks on the pictures.

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